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A. Getting Started: Responses to 2 Questions

Q1: Why isn't my Night Shift device connecting to my Android Device (phone or tablet)?

A: In order for your Night Shift device to connect to your Android Device (phone or tablet), the Bluetooth must be activated on both.

  • Step 1. Please plug in your Night Shift device to activate the Bluetooth.
  • Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth for your Android device
  • Step 3. Allow Location Services for your Android device and for the Night Shift Application when asked by the Night Shift Application
  • Step 4. Android devices may also need to have the "Nearby Device Scanning" setting turned on. This will be found in the Android device Settings (for example: Settings --> Connections/More Connection Settings --> turn on Nearby Device Scanning)
  • Step 5. In addition, "Nearby Devices Permission" may (if applicable) need to be set specifically for the Night Shift Application. This will be found in the Android device App Settings (for example: Settings ---> Apps --> NightShift).

Q2 : How is my personal data secured when I use the Night Shift App software?

A: All data shared through the app is secured in compliance with the Privacy Notice.


B. Night Shift Reports: Answers for 9 Common Questions

Q1: How can I print or save my reports?

A: The report is only displayed in the app. You can select the button to Send Report to Email. This will email a PDF version of the report that you can then save or print.

Q2: Why are the dates and times on my reports incorrect?

A: The date/time on your device at the time of purchase may be incorrect due to time zone differences and/or a drained battery. Either of these cases can result in incorrect date/times on reports. The Night Shift App is set by default to update the date/time on the Night Shift device to be the same as your mobile device. To manually change the date/time on the Night Shift device, use the button on the Date/Time page. Please note, the updated date and time will only affect future nights. All previously recorded nights will not change.

Q3: On my report, the number of red lines is not the same number as the value listed for Number of Supine Attempts. Why are these different?

A: Depending on the resolution of your screen, the lines that appear on the report may not all appear on your monitor. Also we only present one red line per each 30 second period and if you move on and off your back more than one time in a 30 second period, the number of red lines on the report would be fewer than the Number of Supine Attempts.

Q4: Why do some red lines appear behind other colors while some red lines appear in front of others?

A: The red line indicates you were on your back, whether the line appears in front of or behind another position. The position of the line in front of or behind another position is a result of the resolution of your monitor/printer.

Q5: Why is there blank space on my reports?

A: The report length is rounded up to the nearest hour of the longest night. Click here for more information about interpreting your Night Shift Report.

Q6: Why are the periods on the Sleep Position chart gray instead of red?

A: When the feedback is turned off, periods where the user is sleeping on their back are marked as gray. Click here for more information about interpreting your Night Shift Report.

Q7: How are Awake periods calculated?

A: The duration and intensity of movement by neck actigraphy is used to determine when the user is asleep or awake. The first ten-minutes of the session are always classified as awake even if the user falls asleep immediately. The height and color of the lines indicate the intensity and duration of the movement that is called awake. Click here for more information about interpreting your Night Shift Report.

Q8: How is Sleep Efficiency calculated?

Sleep Efficiency is calculated by dividing the total time asleep by the total time the device was turned on. Click here for more information about interpreting your Night Shift Report.

Q9: Why are my reports with the Chest Belt different?

A: The Sleep/Wake algorithm only works correctly when the device is worn on the neck. As such, when the device is worn on the chest, the Sleep/Wake graph and statistics will not appear on the reports. NOTE: Due to the differing location of the microphone, the chest belt snoring data should not be compared to the neck strap snoring data.


C. Night Shift Battery and Vibration Test: Confirm Your Device is Working

Please follow the steps below to test your Night Shift's battery and vibration motors.

    • Step 1. Plug the device into your computer.
    • Step 2. Device turns on automatically.
        • Step 2a. If the device did not turn on automatically, please use a different cable and plug the device back into the computer.
        • Step 2b. If the device still does not turn on automatically, try using a different USB port or computer.
        • Step 2c. If the device still does not turn on automatically, leave the device plugged in for at least 15 minutes and check to see if the device has turned on by viewing the green light on the device.
    • Step 3. Push the button to turn the device off. One vibration is felt as device turns off.
    • Step 4. After a few seconds, device turns itself on automatically.
    • Step 5. Leave the device charging for 3 hours or until the light on the device turns off and the device is fully charged.
    • Step 6. Now that the device is fully charged, unplug the device from the computer.
    • Step 7. Put the device into “test” mode by holding the on/off button down continuously (about 7-seconds) until the device vibrates.
    • Step 8. If you are using the Neck Strap, with the blue label facing down, place the device on a flat surface. Place two fingers on the black label of the device to feel the vibrations. If you are using the Chest Belt, with the blue label facing up, place the device on a flat surface. Place two fingers on the blue label of the device to feel the vibrations.
    • Step 9. After 30 seconds, the device should begin vibrating. After the first six vibrations, did the intensity increase? Wait another six vibrations, did it increase again? There should seven levels of intensity with six vibrations at each level. Following the six vibrations at the seventh level, the vibration intensity and frequency should begin a random pattern.

If you still believe that your device is not functioning correctly, please email your Night Shift Healthcare provider with your problem and what step of the Battery and Vibration test did not work as expected. The Night Shift device is intended to be operated by the patient but is not intended to be serviced or maintained by the patient. Servicing and maintenance must be completed by the manufacturer or an authorized distributor. Please contact your Night Shift Healthcare provider if you have any questions.


D. Night Shift Expected Service Life

The battery, haptic motors, neck strap, and chest belt are considered to be replaceable components and are expected to require replacement during the three-year service life of the NS device. The battery has an expected useful life of two years; the user can substantially compromise the useful life by continuously leaving the device on a charger for extended periods when the battery is fully charged. The user can detect when the battery must be replaced; when fully charged, the device is unable to acquire data for >10 hours. The haptic motors have an expected service life of 30 hours of vibration. The neck strap and chest belt have an expected service life of 6 months when used every day. The expected service life is not a guarantee (see warranty information below).


E. Night Shift Warranty

Night Shift includes a two-year warranty for assembly workmanship and electronic components, one-year warranty for haptic motors and battery, and six month warranty for neck strap and chest belt. Warranty does not cover damage attributed to improper use by the customer. Night Shift is a medical device that is not water-proof, pet-proof, or mistake-proof. The warranty will be voided if an attempt is made to open the enclosure or change the battery.


F. Night Shift Technical Support

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Night Shift Support team at https://nightshifttherapy.com/support/technical-support/ or by phone at (760)720-0099 ext. 6020. Our Technical Support team is available on weekdays from 8-5PM (Pacific Time). 


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