Night Shift Device Support

   Device Getting Started

How to clean the device and strap/chest belt

Steps to clean the device can be found on the second page of the Night Shift User Instructions. Click here to download the user instructions in your desired language.

How to check battery level of device

When the device is turned on, it will vibrate 1-3 times and blink green 1-3 times every second, depending upon how many nights the device has battery charge sufficient to record. The device will continue this blinking pattern for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the LED will display a solid green light which means the device is recording as expected.

How many days of data does the device save

The device can store up to 8 nights (7 most recent + base line, if it exists) of detailed daily reports, up to 90-nights of compliance data, and 365 nights of data used for the monthly and yearly reports. More information for interpreting the reports can be found for the portal HERE and the App HERE.

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