If you purchased a Night Shift Chest Belt, use these instructions to change the settings on your Night Shift device to work correctly with the Chest Belt.

  1. Follow the directions on this page to download, install, and launch the Night Shift Software:
  2. Once the Night Shift Software is opened, plug in your Night Shift device (Note: If using a cable other than the cable that came with your device, your cable must be a data transfer cable for your computer to recognize the device.)
  3. Click Manage Device.
  4. Under Accessory, click Chest Belt. Click Save.
  5. Click OK.
  6. The device will turn off and turn back on. Click OK.
  7. The device is now set to be used with the Chest Belt. CAUTION: You must change the setting to Neck Strap if you plan to use the Night Shift Device with the Neck Strap.
  8. For assistance in setting up your Chest Belt, please see the Night Shift Chest Belt Setup Guide instructions here: Night Shift Setup Guide

If you have problems or questions or would like assistance with changing these settings, please contact the Night Shift Technical Support team by email at or by phone (in the US) at (760)720-0099 ext 6020.