Night Shift Device Support

   Device Vibration Issues

What is the problem?

Device is not vibrating in any position

After being turned on, the Night Shift is designed to wait 15 or 30 minutes before delivering positional vibration. To skip the delay and test the vibration of your device, please click here.

Device vibrates immediately after turning on

When turning the device on, only hold the on/off button down for 1 second to get the expected delay at the beginning of the night. If the on/off button is held down for more than 7 seconds, the device turns on in “test” mode, and feedback begins immediately.

Device is vibrating in the wrong position

When the strap or belt is not properly fitted, the device may slide around, resulting in incorrect position detection. For fitting instructions, click here.

Device vibrated in all positions with amber light

When the battery gets very low, the device goes into a warning mode where it blinks and vibrates once every five seconds, regardless of position. This indicates that the device needs to be charged. To test the device, click here.

Can the vibrations be turned off?

Yes, the Night Shift software can be used to turn the vibrational feedback off. After a night or two in no vibration mode, be sure to return to the software and change the vibration setting back to “After 15 minutes” or “After 30 minutes.” For instructions, click here.

Can the vibration intensity be increased?

If the Night Shift is working properly, the vibration intensity should increase (after six vibrations at each level) a total of seven times. Following the six vibrations at the seventh level, the vibration intensity and frequency should begin a random pattern. To test the device, click here.

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