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What is the problem?

Is the Night Shift Bluetooth active while wearing the device?

The Night Shift Bluetooth is inactive when the device is recording data. The Bluetooth on the Night Shift is activated for 15 minutes after the device is turned off and anytime the Night Shift is plugged into a power source.

Can the Night Shift device be used with an implanted medical device?

From the user instructions, the Night Shift device is contraindicated in patients with a pacemaker.

In addition to the magnets in the neck strap, the Night Shift device generates localized magnetic fields (less than 0.02 mT) that must be kept at least 6 inches/ 15 cm from an implanted medical device of the user or bed partner.

The Night Shift is in compliance with all emissions standards as they pertain to IEC 60601 and was certified by an accredited test facility with the testing results listed below:

We recommend contacting the manufacturer of the implanted device for assistance in determining the possible impact with their device.

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