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   Night Shift Strap & Chest Belt

What is the problem with your strap or chest belt?

Switching from strap/chest

Before using the device in a different location (chest or neck), the settings on your Night Shift device must be changed. Follow these directions to change your Night Shift settings using the Night Shift Portal or the Night Shift App.

Finding the retention bands

When the strap is packaged, the retention bands are placed over the top of the magnetic ends of the strap.

How often to replace strap

It is recommended to replace the neck strap every 6 months. The strap should be replaced when signs of deterioration appear.

Magnets came out of strap

The neck strap should be inspected regularly for signs of deterioration due to normal wear and tear. It is recommended that the neck strap be replaced every six months. If you disconnect the magnetic clasp by pulling the ends apart, the material stretches and can tear. To avoid this problem, be sure to unclasp the strap by bending at a 90° angle, like snapping a stick. Please review step 9 of the User Instructions.

Fitting the strap

Step-by-step instructions found in the User Instructions.

How often to replace belt

The belt’s life span may vary depending on use frequency and care. The chest belt should be replaced when signs of deterioration appear.

Cleaning the strap/chest belt

See page 2 of the User Instructions for the Night Shift cleaning procedures. Note that the chest belt should be cleaned using the same method as the neck strap.

Strap/Chest Belt Documentation

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